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The spring has sprung...

Yes. It's here. Although my day began in a coffee tsunami provided by Delilah, as a side effect of her usual leap from a distance onto my chest which is how she says good morning, it did actually get better.

I managed to muck out my kitchen for a start and enjoyed listening to the radio while I was doing so. Rylan on radio 2 had some very funny antique jokes to read out from listeners and I had a good old chuckle. He also did that thing where he talks with his mum on air and that made me smile. There's something reassuring about hearing the domestic humdrum of a public person. That said, some of what he was doing was challenging her ideas about social isolation and perhaps that was more public service broadcasting than a reflection of their views. Who knows. It was sweet.

I went out on my walk too, stalking spring. It was lurking in all sorts of corners and quite unequivocally arrived in places. And I found some peace; a sprinkling of birdsong; great slides of mud; patches of pale daffodils; an exuberance of blossom; shy yellow mallows and expanses of green.

I also found some very cold ears! There’s still a chill breeze out there. I wore my wellies, the first pair I've owned since childhood and it was fun to stamp through the muddy bits with no fear for my shoes or tucked in jeans.

It was, all in all a lovely walk and although I didn't achieve much more than this, some phone calls, a lot of housework, and some cuddles with the cat, I feel better than I did yesterday.

Tomorrow I do actually have to get just a few groceries that I'm low on or have run out of. I'm not looking forward to braving the shops but when I've done it I won't need to do any more for a week, maybe longer.

Delilah has just given up trying to sit on my shoulder as I write this, but she has reminded me that the blog is about her to and she's only had the briefest of mentions. So here's a short video of her doing some isolation exercises on the curtain.

I think that will do for today. It is a little shorter than the others but it's been a quiet and subdued kind of day. I've tried to avoid the news as much as possible. It isn't good and it won't be for a while and there is nothing I can do about any of it. On Monday, I will go to school and we see how many students have arrived. In the meantime I'm going to appreciate not having to plan 14 lessons for my Monday to Wednesday timetable although, that said, if someone said this was all an April fool and we're all back as we were, I'd be overjoyed. Still some denial hanging around I guess.

I'd like to say it can only get better but I'm really not convinced we're going in that direction. Yet.

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