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Hello Denial my old friend...

Yesterday, they told us the schools are closing on Monday. We heard about it at school in a meeting, about an hour before it was announced on the news but it had been coming a while.

To be honest, it felt like it had been coming ages, but really, for the UK it's only been in the last week that people had even begun to entertain the thought. A week ago the numbers were tiny. They're getting bigger by the day and suddenly, it all seems horribly real.

So, for me, it's weird. I want to cry and running away seems like a good idea too. But I also want it not to be happening. Whoever is writing this - stop it already. It's cliche and it's frankly unbelievable. I'm struggling to suspend my disbelief - a president would never say, 'People are dying who have never died before'. A prime minister would never joke that the effort to make respirators is 'The Last Gasp'.

But no. It's real.

You can clearly see that Delilah doesn't want it to be happening but it is. Deal Delilah! It's real!

I'm still waiting to hear who the skeletons are going to be who are looking after the children of key workers. It could be me I suppose and I don't know how I feel about it. Mixed I suppose. There would be company... but it would child care not education and I wouldn't know the kids or be teaching just my subject probably and urghhh! Stress!

My mind is jumping around like one of those Mexican beans we used to get in Christmas stockings when we were kids. See. It's back in childhood Christmases. Any second now it'll zip off somewhere else - that's it! Cat food! Do I have enough?

Definitely don't have enough loo roll...

And, just for today, I'm going to leave it there.

I'm going into school tomorrow (I work part time and wouldn't normally be in on a Friday). I need to pick up some things, but also, I'm taking the opportunity to legitimately see people. Because it's going to be just me and Delilah for I don't know how long.

And I love Delilah, of course I do, though I don't know why sometimes, (WHY!!! Delilah!!!) but really, although she is the most irritating and delightful creature in the universe and can sometimes be hard work, there are times when people would be preferable. Just times you understand. And I've got a feeling those times are going to be legion in the days and weeks ahead...

Last bit of this though, is a funny thing from work last week. There's one of those weird singing lobsters next to the staff trays and this is what it was rocking this week.

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